Python-Ogre 0.9 Available


22-02-2007 14:32:40

With the 1.4 verison of Ogre getting very close (RC1 was release a couple of weeks ago) we are putting out another version of Python-Ogre, hence Version 0.9 of Python-Ogre, python bindings for Ogre (and other libraries) based upon Py++ is now available

In this release we've added Python style iterators for Ogre Map and Vector iterators, plus a number of other improvements. Look here for specifics on this release

As with previous releases we've included are all the necessary windows binaries based upon the latest CVS verison of Ogre. Full source is available via SVN access for Linux users and Windows users wanting to build from source

Downloads can be found here

Note that it's still early in the development cycle for Python-Ogre, so please be kind :) when reporting bugs and we'll do our best to get them resolved as soon as possible.

Please copy the with any problems or comments.


The Python-Ogre Development Team
(Lakin, Roman, Andy, Game_Ender)


27-02-2007 07:20:23


I suggest to add some code to

def _OnSize(self, event):

if getattr(self, 'ogreRoot', None):

self.renderWindow.windowMovedOrResized() added.

def _CreateCamera(self):
"create a Camera"
camera = self.sceneManager.createCamera('Camera')
camera.lookAt(ogre.Vector3(0, 0, 0))
camera.nearClipDistance = 5
camera.setAutoAspectRatio( True )

camera.setAutoAspectRatio( True ) added.

When window resized, it changes aspect ratio also.

:) I think this is more natural in resizable window.


27-02-2007 07:31:10

if getattr(self, 'ogreRoot', None):

Change made - thanks for this..



27-02-2007 15:22:38

great work andy and the rest of the python-ogre team! thanks!

OT: i'm reviewing for an upcomming exam to become a licensed engineer in april. by then i can continue developing with python-ogre. i still have v0.7 on me and can't wait to try out the newer ones. just sharing. hehe :lol: