Building python-Ogre from source


05-03-2007 13:20:18

Yesterday I tried to biuld Python-Ogre from source (for learning py++) but I have a little problem with Py++ dependencies...

py++ requires pygccxml, wich I installed, but pygccxml logically requires , gccxml, so I downloaded the installer that comes along with the pygccxml. The fact is that distutils tells me that python was built with MSVC 2003, and to generate extensions i must have the same version installed. I have the Visual Studio 2005 express SP1(the freebie :oops: )

I was wondering if someone knows how to build it using VS2005 because I made some hacks here and there to skip some version chekings by distutils, but i have reached the point were I can't do more without building python by source, wich is something that I really dont want to do


05-03-2007 13:44:33

Sorry to say that you can't proceed with the free MS compiler :(

All our work to date has been with VC 7.1 - mainly because this is the version that Python is built with (as you've found out) and we don't want to mix compiler versions (as this can lead to really strange problems)...

I do aniticpate that we will work on the VC 2005/8 (free) version in the future, it just hasn't yet reached the top of our list..