PyOgre and Python-ogre on the same machine


08-03-2007 18:59:50

If you mix pyogre and python ogre on the same python install, how bad is it for your health?

I need to keep a copy of pyogre around for a project, but i'd like to start work on my next thing, which will most likely be python-ogre based. I'd like to know if anyone knows of any issues I might run into.


08-03-2007 23:41:53

You should probably be fine with this as the python/lib/site-packages directories used by both are different (the module names are different)..

Obviously keep their "base" directories seperate (ie don't mix and match the demos directories etc - especially as the PyOgre Ogre modules/plugins are from an older version of Ogre than Python-Ogre)



09-03-2007 08:19:49

I went ahead and installed 2.5 just for my python-ogre doodles (keeping 2.4 the default) and everything went swimmingly.

I encountered some problems with some of the demos, but they are likely due to unfulfilled dependencies or something like that. I'll check m out and report back :P