linux build help


13-03-2007 15:40:29

using ogre 1.4, and the dev-1.2 pyogre from subversion, suse 10.1.

ogre builds and runs great. now i'm trying to build pyogre and hit a couple of bumps; perhaps partly because this is almost my very first introduction to python, period! :) i'm not even sure i'm using correctly.

1. 'python build' gives some errors:

pyogre/ogre/OgrePlatformManager.i:7: Error: Unable to find 'OgrePlatformManager.h'

rest of error output also can't find OgreInput.h, OgreInputEvent.h, OgreKeyEvent.h, OgreMouseEvent.h, etc.

2. 'python install' dies, complains it can't find the .pc files for OGRE etc.

they do exist in /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig.

pkg-config --libs OGRE

tells me

-L/usr/local/lib -lOgreMain

any suggestions? i'll bet there are quick solutions to both of these ...




13-03-2007 15:48:41

i'll bet there are quick solutions to both of these ...

If PyOgre were being maintained there would be, bug I doubt it has been updated for Ogre 1.4.

That said, Python-Ogre runs on Linux but it will take you a little while to get it running. Python-Ogre uses Boost.Python and Py++ to get automatically generated wrappers that are easier to maintain than swig based ones. Check out the compiling instructions.