I was just wondering?


31-01-2006 14:57:15

I know that pyogre is 3d but I was wondering if you could use it to make a 2d rpg? I have been working really hard on the desgin document and it is coming along pretty well. I am just trying to figure out what I am going to be using for the graphic engine so far I am stuck between this and pygame.


31-01-2006 19:43:16

I remember one chafing point when I was toodling with pygame was that the graphics facilities didn't really go far beyond SDL itself (AFAIK, it wraps SDL). So it was hard to get hierarchical sprites, nonlinear image transforms and other such effects unless you wrote them yourself and/or bypassed pygame to some lower level API.

I have yet to code a single line of ogre (I've just joined this forum), but I suspect that even in an ostensibly 2D game, a 3D engine will free you up to do some interesting effects, like how the (2D) world map tilted into the horizon when piloting the airship in Final Fantasy IV, V, and VI. Or sudden zoom-ins, and particle effects (impact sparks during battles) a la Xenogears.3D effects aside, ogre is integrated with cegui, which you could put to some good use making text boxes and menus that don't look like they belong on a desktop.

One thing that pygame does give you for free is collision detection, but I suspect this might be not so important in an RPG.

But like I said, I haven't actually used ogre yet, so it could be that after coding a few files in ogre, you find that the additional complexity isn't worth it.

My 2 cents,
-- Matt


31-01-2006 21:33:40

Well thank you for the input, I think I am going to go with ogre only because I can do more stuff with it then pygame, I will try a few lines of code and if it does not work out how I want it to I will switch to pygame and use that. But from what I am reading I think this is going to be my engine of choice. :) And thanks again for the advice!


01-02-2006 01:01:15

Yes, you can do a 3d game in Ogre, just draw everything on the 'same' plane with z-order being the offset to the 'same' plane slightly.


01-02-2006 23:52:39

Do you mean 2d instead of 3d?


02-02-2006 01:24:32

Heh, yea, right, just woke up when I wrote that...

But you can do a 2d perpective too by having the camera be orthogonal as well.