Particle FX in Python-Ogre


17-03-2007 07:18:48


I was trying to port my project onto the newly released python-ogre 9.0 and I noticed something unusual. The particle system is now created through ogre.SceneManager class instead of from ogre.ParticleSystemManager. That deem the line particleSystemManager = ogre.ParticleSystemManager.getSingleton() redundant in

Is this change made to ogre API 1.4 or is it specific to python-ogre? And is there a reason for that?



17-03-2007 11:09:46

This is NOT specific to Python-Ogre.. As a rule Python-Ogre matches the API of Ogre, and only tweaks things when absolutely necessary :)

So this change is an Ogre 1.4 version one (I assume)

I have cleaned up the demo and committed the changes to the SVN, nothing serious, just matched it up to the latest C++ demo source - new version will be in the next Python-Ogre binary release