Python-Ogre official


27-03-2007 20:39:45

Hey, I just now realized that this forum was renamed and some sticky threads related to pyogre are not sticky.

Well, I think it's a Good Thing, and congratulations and immense thank you's to the Python-Ogre (and Py++) team. Without your hard work and passion, there would currently be no way for anyone to use the latest OGRE, Newton, et al, with our beloved language. Thanks again for putting all this together at no monetary cost to end-users.

I'm really looking forward to what other great things you guys will do!!


29-03-2007 10:09:37

Yeah congratulations and well done.


29-03-2007 10:41:35

I'll put out a more formal announcment on this when we release the 1.0 version (and we've updated docuementation/web sites/etc)...

Bsaically I chatted with the original PyOgre team, got confirmation that the development on PyOgre has indeed halted and that they support Python-Ogre as 'the' Ogre Python wrapper moving forward...



01-04-2007 09:34:14

congratulations indeed to andy and the rest of the team! :lol: :lol:


01-04-2007 17:42:59

This is wonderful news. Thanks to the pyOgre folks who got us to this point, and to Andy, Roman, Lakin and co for providing a bright path forward.