Geometric primitives?


03-02-2006 09:57:40

Are there ways in pyogre to make simple primitive Entities, like just a cube or a sphere? Or do all Entities have to be loaded in from a mesh file? I found OgreRefApp::Box and OgreRefApp::sphere in the ogre docs, but grepping for 'ogrerefapp' in didn't return anything, and grepping for 'box' returned a whole slew of references to non-visible boxes, like AxisAlignedBox.

-- Matt


04-02-2006 20:43:11

Never mind... :shock:



24-07-2006 11:22:34

I've the same problem, i need a rectangle and attach a texture to use it like a background.


22-09-2006 07:12:20

Rectangle2D. See the code snippet and associated material file mid-way through this post,