Anyone has ever created an OgreXML exporter in Python?


04-02-2006 04:15:00


Has anyone created his/her own OgreXML exporter in Python ? I have no experience in XML programming with Python and coud really do with an example program as a starting point.

The reason I ask this is that I am considering to write a python script that would convert CharacterFX files to OgreXML. Currently, I have opted for Milkshape3D as a modeller and CharacterFX for animations. I've had good results with Milkshape Ogre exporter... until I realised that Milkshape did not support weighted vertices (contrary to CharacterFX). The CharacterFX format is a simple text file which seems quite straight forward so I thought I might try and create a script to generate an Ogre mesh from CharacterFX format.

Anyone to give me a starting nudge ?

By the way, since it is my first post, a HUGE thank you to everyone behind PyOgre : I was going to go along the path of Soya3D when I fell on PyOgre and got totally converted.