DotSceneOctree scene manager


05-02-2006 04:51:15

As the title describes, I'm wondering if this scene manager is available to PyOgre? Is DotSceneManager the same thing? There's a lot of conflicting/possibly old info in the forums. Apologies for my confusion.


05-02-2006 06:19:13

Yep there the same thing. It's one of the ogre addons (same as PLSM2) and therefore isn't available to PyOgre:

Afraid you'll need to download and compile it yourself.

It pretty much works though it needs some work for python to retrieve mesh data ( if needed for physics collision detection) and a parser for non static geom's/lights etc, perhaps:

Here's a screenshot (compiled gcc/mingw) from python:

Do you have a copy of VC8.0?. If not I'll try contacting Clay or downloading VC8.0 and compiling it.


05-02-2006 14:55:12

I don't have VC8 yet. I'm getting a new PC soon (one that can actually handle compiling stuff--I'd do it on my Mac, but alas...), and at that point I'll also get VC8 express, but I'd love to be able to start working with it now as it's probably going to be my primary method for level creation.


06-02-2006 01:57:03

Another question: what is Plugin_OctreeSceneManager.dll from the site-packages/pyogre/ directory? I guess it's not the same as DotSceneOctree, but how does the functionality differ?


07-02-2006 11:56:46

Excellent dermont :D. This takes us one step closer to having a workflow for level design from blender.

I'm not sure, as to who maintains the pyOgre source tree, but would it be possible to submit a patch to the pyOgre source to include this plugin?