Great work!


16-04-2007 08:11:56

I just wanted to say that I am impressed by Python-Ogre! :D

The P-O demos out-perform my regular C++ Ogre demos, which is very impressive! :shock:

I am beginning to understand why Python devs doesn't embed, but extend..
Because performance-wise there's really no benefit from implementing speed critical code in C++, except maybe through extensions, which you did in Python-Ogre.
Embedding Python is like bending over backwards..
Why do it, when you can do everything in Python. ?
Food for thought, at least to me (a C++ guy).

Great work, Python-Ogre team! :)

By the way: I compiled the gccxml library using SCONS and the VC7.1 compiler, but used VC8 for Boost::Python and the rest.
Will pull the needed sources and run the generators - maybe VC8 is supported after all.
I'll post back my findings. :wink:


16-04-2007 10:05:09

Great to hear your success :) and glad you like it...

If you wouldn't mind posting you VC8 findings to the Wiki ( that would be great...