Very Simple Question: Locating Python Modules


27-04-2007 12:20:01


I've installed PyOgre in the past and was able to get it to work fine. Then I uninstalled it and installed the Windows executable for Python-Ogre.

Now I am using the ActivePython 2.5.0 and following the beginner's tutorial - however I can't it to work I keep getting this

File "C:\Python25\", line 1, in <module>
from pyogre import ogre
ImportError: No module named pyogre

In other words, I made a script called "" and I simply wrote the code

from pyogre import ogre

but it cannot locate the python-ogre modules

please tell me how to make it so when I make a new python script file in ActivePython, that it will be able to locate the modules - I know it's a simple question

thank you


27-04-2007 13:38:38

Did you by chance you look at any of the demos :)? That is the quickest way to see how things work. Ogre is now under:import ogre.renderer.OGRE as Ogre.


29-04-2007 00:22:12

you're right, thank you :)