problem developing with vista


01-05-2007 21:39:58

is there any way to get this working with vista? i copied d3dx9_31.dll in my windows/system folder and the demos work fine even though directx 10 is installed here. unfortunately, it doesn't work in mine. i get this error:

ogre.renderer.OGRE._ogre_exceptions_.OgreRenderingAPIException: OGRE EXCEPTION(3:): Failed to DrawPrimitive : An undetermined error occurred in D3D9RenderSystem::_render at \Development\ogrenew\RenderSystems\Direct3D9\src\OgreD3D9RenderSyst
em.cpp (line 2695)

ofcourse this might be because im using dx10. however, when i use openGL, most of the screen is pure black. anyone has any idea how to solve this?


as the title says, i want to know if anyone is developing in python-ogre with windows vista. anybody encountering problems? just got a new laptop which has vista installed. so before i move everything, i just want to know :lol:



03-05-2007 00:11:25

I certainly haven't done any testing with Vista yet, but may do so over the next few weeks..



03-05-2007 18:51:01

i hope you do so sooner. or somebody who has experienced dev'ing in vista replies in this thread.

i've heard that vista is against opengl. so i guess that's why all the python-ogre demos i've tried looks busted. in running the apps in opengl, it looks like that there's clipping (into pure black) near the camera, and all the textures are affected (except the skyboxe).

as for d3d, the most of the demos work fine. my app doesn't though...

i'm having a hard time with this new laptop. tried installing windows xp already, but fixing the boot was giving me a headache, and most of the hardware didn't have automatically installed drivers (which gave another set of headaches). as of now i cant do anything with this lappy xcept browse the net and watch avi:s, so reply to the post people REPLY :wink:


06-05-2007 17:25:38

I'm currently using Vista Basic (Came with computer and so far haven't missed Aero that much).

I'm running Python-Ogre with PyGame and currently don't have any issues, aside from warnings that appear to be standard with the latest Python-Ogre. I had a number of issues originally, however that was during my port from PyOgre to Python-Ogre. Most of those were due to the ordering of some of my initialization calls. However if this is Python-Ogre code that works on XP then thats a bit more suspect.

OpenGL also works, however its framerate is pretty horrible.