Assault Vector - 2.5D Shooter - Public Alpha


04-05-2007 16:53:14

Greetings to all the members of the Python-Ogre community (and its related communities).

I am both pleased and terrified to present to the budding public a sort-of-playable version of my (slowly)-up-and-coming game "Assault Vector".

To quote my own propaganda (and to give an introduction):

'Assault Vector' is a side scrolling team based strategical shooter. It has gameplay inspired by such brilliant games as the Battlefield series, Soldat, Wings of Fury, Worms, Metal Warriors and the original Grand Theft Autos, and a visual style inspired by such games as Viewtiful Joe, Smash Brothers and the intro from the original Flashback.

I also have a website ( which contains more information, especially on the brainstorming page (which is an embedded freemind document).

To summise, the game works, albeit quite buggily. It is my first serious attempt to incorporate nearly all the elements of a game together. I'm not sure exactly how long I've put into it... but here is a list of the smorgasbord of opensource projects that have aided me
  1. Physics -> PyOde
    Sound -> OgreAL
    Network -> Twisted UDP Sockets (Banana, Jelly, ZLib)
    Chat -> Twisted Words (Jabber)
    Graphics -> Python-Ogre
    Input -> OIS
    GUI/MouseInput -> CEGUI
    Windows exe -> Py2exe
    OSX app -> Py2app
    Modelling -> Blender
    Image Manipulation -> GIMP[/list:u]
    Firstly, there are some known bugs.
    1. It doesn't run in 'consistent precision' float mode in DirectX - time doesn't move.
      If you don't have internet connectivity, or my chat server is down, you will experience jerks about once very 10 seconds as the network lags the game.
      The multiplayer doesn't work well with high latency or packet loss[/list:u]
      There are lots of other bugs, but those are the big ones I remember.

      The network uses a client/server architecture (and client/listenClient). So start server.exe for a server, then client.exe for a client and type in the server ip. Or, run listenClient if you just want to trial the game (it's a server with a client front end built into it).

      Unfortunately I only have windows binaries. The dedicated server compiles on all three of OSX, Linux and Windows, but I haven't released any of the other binaries yet. The source code is a whole 'nother can of worms. I don't know whether to open source it or not, but at the moment I'm learning towards 'yes', just haven't decided how to do it yet (there is so much code I am not happy with [multiple inheritance anyone?])

      Without further ado. Windows Binaries Download Link =>

      Obligatory Screenshot (so you can see the style of game)

      Gotta love the Ninja model! I've been on the hunt for a replacement but haven't found one yet - am working on designs (stylistically) for the game so there is no hurry really though.

      So give it a go, feedback is more than welcome (even bugs! :D). I don't have much time to work on it the next few weeks, but in about a month I'm going to go back into relatively full on development of it again. Which is why I've decided to show it to you guys, give me a while to think about it, especially the whole 'open-source' thing.

      Oh, and thanks for everyone who's helped me get this far. (andy and caseyb definitely spring to mind!)

      - Glenn Murray


04-05-2007 21:19:44

Awsome, looks very promising! (puts my efforts thus far to shame :) )

So is a server running where I can shoot some other ninjas?


05-05-2007 04:08:23

I'll run a dedicated server on my box (which if you just press enter on the client console it will connect to []) as often as I can. There will be a Ninja 'bot' on the server for target practice, as well as anyone else who happens to join in.

Its in Australia though - so you may get quite bad latency :P

- Glenn


05-05-2007 10:20:54

Ah, I'm in UK, so I imagine the latency may indeed be rather bad .. :P

Well the bot shows up and I shot he a few times, so i will make do with that for now