tech demo screenies - dynamic sunlight :)


12-05-2007 14:12:00

Thought i would put some screenshots of the demo up. This is all test content, and anyone is welcome to change things if they want, I'll update the svn soon with the new content, once i have cleaned it all up. I will upload the blend file in the near future too.

I used L3DT to generate the terrain image / heightmap, then created a mesh from those in blender. The skybox is done in Terragen2 and edited in gimp.
All the lovely foliage is courtesy of

the old 'rolling around on fire with a fish stuck to me' dudes are still about:) but they do prove the physics is working.

Willism's boids flit gracefully through the trees 8)

Under water, needs a shader on the surface, but blends into darkness nicely as you descend.

This sort of scene is very easy to create, this level was perhaps 4 evenings work, so please dont be scared to mess around with the design and see what happens. I hacked a simple script in blender to place the foliage according to an image, you can grab the level Here.

it all still needs optimizing, but i think i have a quick method for drawing the foliage properly, which may include a tree/grass painting thing, if i can find time to do it.

comments and suggestions are of course welcomed


14-05-2007 17:20:58

Wow, good stuff. I'm still working on fine-tuning the Boids implementation, one thing that I think would greatly improve it is if we had a reliable way to calculate distance from the ground. The last time I tried using Actor.getFloorDistance, it seemed to always return 0 :?

With that, I could make the boids do some dramatic vertical maneuvers, and they wouldn't fly through the mountain anymore :oops:

Any ideas how we could make this work? I'm willing to do it if I get pointed in the right direction.


14-05-2007 18:33:28

Yes, shouldn't be a problem at all. My previous code did that by doing a ray-query to the terrain (using the ST_EXTERIOR scenemanager)., I'm using a mesh now as opposed to the terrain sceneManager, but its just a case of modifying the ray-query a bit to pick up movables in instead of worldFragments. I'll get put that in the next update. The only problem that arises is that these ray-queries are quite expensive to do every frame, so it would be good to stagger them across frames if at all possible, or use another method (such as a physics query).


14-05-2007 19:00:39

looks nice except for this blur effect! such effects often get overused in my opinion. if you see like that in the real world then you have some serious problems with your eyes. :p


14-05-2007 19:28:21


Indeed yes!, to be honest, I just applied the default bloom compositor effect that comes with the demo media. I haven't got around to tweaking it yet. I agree, it looks the render window has catarracts...

As I mentioned, you're more than welcome to download the svn and change it yourself, but its something I will be looking into. It works really well underwater, so I'm thinking of throttling back the effect when you're on the surface, shouldn't be a big problem :)


17-05-2007 02:17:12

Some new shots..

I just integrated a python translation of 'mike's quick n dirty sky manager' from here:

its very simple, and needs a good tweaking, but its another effect we can show off

As you can probably see, all the shadows are a bit messed up, which needs sorting out (not sure whats going on there).

I am updating the svn now if anyone wants to try it out.

This update also fixes the getFloorDistance function, and adds a base_actor function to do a physics raycast. It has to be done from the Update(..) actor function though. I will document it properly when i get the chance.


17-05-2007 15:26:42

Oh, go on then, we'll have reflective sea as well... - code mercilessly ripped from the demos again.

Right then - next step [ OPTIMIZATION ] and [SOME AI]...


02-06-2007 18:00:10

I like this a lot, especially the underwater scene.


03-06-2007 02:19:38

Wow! What a good looking demo! I must keep an eye on this! :)


22-06-2008 10:50:22

One thing is forgotten...



especially underwater, I want to see refraction and a total internal reflection circle above the camera.


24-06-2008 16:02:20


I kind of gave up on this particular demo a while ago! so dont expect refraction any time soon.

Am however working on a new techdemo for PO ( this would be about version 3 I guess .. ) using Zyzle's great game state framework. The idea would be to implement a couple of levels and a simple menu system.

also intending to use as many graphical tricks as possible, there's plenty of material to demonstrate on the forums and addons projects..


26-06-2008 02:07:50

Do you have a link for the game framework you mention as I've been looking for something to integrate with Python-Ogre



26-06-2008 10:57:56

hey andy, nice to see you back dude!

I'm using Zyzle's excellent framework here: ... Management

PS. just tried the new release download, and it failed somewhere ( in download I think, rather than install, will keep trying! )


26-06-2008 11:39:59

Yay someone (potentially) using something of mine! :D :mrgreen:

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.