wxPropertyGrid.. proper way to show properties per entity?


15-05-2007 22:34:23

In my level editor an entity can have arbitrary properties. So I need to display relevant properties when an entity is selected.

So whats the proper way to do this?

Delete all properties and reAppend again with relevant? is this the usual way?


16-05-2007 00:43:49

Is this an Ogre of wxWidgets question? You should definitly not delete ogre properties if that is what you are asking.


16-05-2007 08:14:24

No, entity properties can be like

GameEntity A properties : Power, Speed, ModelName
GameEntity B properties : Height, Health, ModelName

So when in level editor I select either of them, I want to display only the relevant properties in the wxPropertyGrid UI.

So is ik ok to delete all properties and reappend wxProperties for Entity A or B.


16-05-2007 15:51:11

Sounds like a wxWidgets question to me and we aren't a wxWidgets forum. That said the easiest way is to rebuild the list the whole time but you could also just compare both sets of properties and modify the list as needed. If wxPropertyGrid is coded properly it should handle recreating of its contents fine.


17-05-2007 18:13:35

I dont feel comfortable with wxwidgets mailing list but thanks for answers, im totally new to wxwidgets or gui stuff.

I will recreate the list.


17-05-2007 20:32:01

I would suggest using the wxWidgets Forum in future, its just as friendly as here.