New name?


29-05-2007 06:46:17

Is it too crazy to suggest that python-ogre try to find a new name? It just seems so clunky and doesn't roll off the tongue very well. Also, since there are a library of libraries, so to speak, in python-ogre now, I think it'd be appropriate to go with a name that reflects upon that. (It seems weird to type "import ogre.renderer.OGRE as ogre", and I mean OIS is an input library, it doesn't have anything to do with ogre)


29-05-2007 07:41:39

Happy to take suggestions -- there was much discussion on the google development mailing list, which is where the current module layout was determined..

Basically by putting everything under 'ogre' it's simple to maintain and control, and yes, if we wrapped a different renderer then it would cease to make sense :)

The main point is that the project is based upon the Ogre 3D libraries, with everything else being supportive (OIS, Newton etc).

And as it's all open source you can always take the OIS code_generation source and change it to suit your needs :)



29-05-2007 22:03:25

POgre? :)


29-05-2007 23:01:23

I tried to think up one to suggest and couldn't. It's always hard thinking of a short but catchy name..

Does/Should it have Ogre somewhere in the name? It was hard coming up with a name to replace SimpleGUI, and I was thinking about names that didn't have GUI in them, but didn't come up with anything. Of course, the commercial library "GameFace" sounded awesome. I was almost tempted to make a knock off and call the library "OgreFace". :lol:

Good Luck!


03-06-2007 07:36:25

I would personally prefer a name without OGRE in it at all, personally. Something, short-but-sweet. Pawesome, lol, Python and awesome and a furry animal found dead on the side of the road :P. Maybe Troll, since OGRE and GNOME are already taken. Or Emergence, inspired by: "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." Pymergence, Epygence, Emerpy, Emergenpy (how punny). Stick py in there wherever you'd like. Pyglomerate, Pymerase, Pygon, Polymerpy, Pyturation, Apysimilation, Assimpyation, Pytles, Beetlpy (these two after the song "Come Together"), Flypy.

Ahhhhhhh, names are fun. Good names are hard. All of those names I've listed are just me writing down everything that goes through my head with no quality control. Perhaps now you finally see what goes through my head :P.


03-06-2007 21:38:53



22-03-2008 01:46:31

How about pyrigs? PYthon Rendering Input Gui Sound

pyrips - PY R I Physics S
pyring - PY R I Network G