Possible to use just the math classes?


12-06-2007 05:48:08

After deciding to go with Stackless Python for my game glue code, I immediatley started wonder what parts, if any, of OGRE I would need to expose. To keep my game scripting environment as high level as possible, I've decided to initially only expose the OGRE math classes to the scripting environment. Would it possible to "trim" down Python-Ogre to only expose the math classes, or would I be better off simply writing a quick and dirty wrapper using boost::python to those classes?


12-06-2007 06:19:57

You could do a Python-Ogre build and then use the generated wrapper code (Math.pypp.cpp) as a basis for your project -- email me if you want me to email you the file directly.

Either that or just use Python-Ogre as it is :)

BTW, what was you reasoning for going with Stackless python -- is your code mainly for the server side of things??




12-06-2007 16:26:22

Part of the code will be server side, yes. I wanted to use the same scripting environment for both the server and client, so stackless python was my choice. I guess I could use regular python for the client and get the same effect, but there are some things client side that can take advantage of the micro-threading.