JSBSim Python Bindings


25-06-2007 09:20:33


this is not directly related to python-ogre, but I think it still might be useful information: I have released Python bindings for JSBSim at


JSBSim is a flight dynamics model written in the C++, and for example used in FlightGear. JSBSim has no graphics output itself. Part of the sourceforge project is a small demo that implements a very minimalistic flight simulator using JSBSim Python Bindings and the Panda3D game engine. It should not be too difficult to transfer the demo to python-ogre. So if anybody is interested in writing a flight simulator with python-ogre, feel free to check out the JSBSim Python Bindings.



25-06-2007 22:30:32

This is very cool, thanks for the link. With all the paged terrain systems being worked on around here I am sure someone will be interested.