What version of Python is being used in Windows


20-07-2007 05:36:27

I'd like to understand how many Windows users are still using Python 2.4, and if so, why..

Basically I'd like to simplify the Windows binary release and only include Python 2.5 modules..



20-07-2007 22:36:01

I'd've thunk there'd be at least one 2.4 user. Well, I'm not really complaining, it's good that people are keeping up with the times. I've been using 2.5 since before it's official release and I'm using stackless with it.


21-07-2007 22:39:26

Py 2.4 users represent!!!

In my case I started development on my current project back when 2.4 was current, and as of yet haven't needed to upgrade.

But I wouldn't mind upgrading to 2.5, I just haven't done it yet.


22-07-2007 08:34:10

On windows python isn't very integrated into the system, and it's not too difficult to install two python versions if necesary. Actually, this isn't that much of a problem on linux either... But on linux you have certain distros that still don't have python2.5, forcing people to dive into the unsupported trees etc. It doesn't seem worth it to me on windows to try and support both. I had to upgrade to py2.5 for to test python-ogre and haven't really looked back.

The only issue in the past has been certain libraries that hadn't yet released py2.5 binaries (pyODE) and now have. I think for the most part things have caught up on the windows side of things.

On mac and linux where python is more integrated into the OS its harder to get everyone on board :(


22-07-2007 11:09:56

on windows i used to keep hold of py2.4 for exactly that reason namely that many libs were slow to update, but things have caught up now and I've been able to replace pretty much everything I had back when using 2.4. For me dropping support would be fine :) ,


22-07-2007 12:33:18

For me it´s the same as for bharling and team23.
Drop the 2.4 support !


02-08-2007 16:22:09

if it allows for more development time spent on other areas, by all means drop the 2.4 support


06-08-2007 02:15:47

I think the fact votes for python24 seem so low is probably because people that have both python25 and python24 installed on their computer will vote for python25, even though they might still be using python24 on their computer for some other dependencies...

It would've been nice if the vote included an option for people that have both installations. For informative at least.


13-08-2007 07:26:02

ya ive got both on my comp but voted for 2.5 because thats what i develop in but i have 2.4 because blender 2.44 is the only version that uses 2.5 and i still need to use some of the older versions of blender so 2.4 is still a required on my comp