what about pyOgreBullet?


21-07-2007 16:48:37

Since there are some problems with ode and it has a
somewhat restrctive license, what about a python wrapper
for the 'OgreBullet wrapper' or even only for the Bullet physics engine
so I can write my own wrapper?
Unfortuneatly I don't have any experiences wigth py++ so can a python-ogre
developper add it to the list of wrapped libraries?


22-07-2007 07:58:19

What are the problems with ODE, and it's license ???

The Newton library certainly has a different licence so it could be an issue for some people (perhaps)..

I have looked at wrapping Bullet (it's on the list..) and it will take a little work (they haven't used a seperate namespace so I have to manually select methods, variables etc that need to be wrapped) and will happen after PhysX is wrapped.



22-07-2007 12:19:54

will happen after PhysX is wrapped
*excited about this* :D
Where is this list with the modules you are wrapping? So I don´t try wrapping things you are already wrapping.


29-09-2007 16:30:32

Any updates on PhysX or Bullet? I've heard a lot of good stuff about Bullet (nice docs, nice 3d tools plugins, it's similar to havok) so it would be really nice to get a binding for it.


29-09-2007 16:51:38

PhysX is already binded.


29-09-2007 22:40:15

Is there a study comparing & contrasting the various physics engines (eg. PhysX vs Bullet vs ODE)?

If I were to start learning how to use one, how would I choose?



30-09-2007 00:39:14

Currently in the Python-Ogre SVN there is support for:
  1. ODE (Native)
    Bullet (Native)
    OgreBulletC (Collisions)
    OgreBulletD (Dynamics)
    Opcode (Native)
    Physx (Native)
    All of which will be in the Python-Ogre 1.1 binary, tentively scheduled for next weekend, depending on the next release of Ogre..

    I only added the OgreBullet support yesterday as I noticed that the addons/ogrebullet product was active again (typically I won't wrap an inactive library for obvious reasons)

    OgreOde and OgreNewt are stable modules -- the underlying C++ libraries haven't had updates in many months, however they seem bug free (:))

    OgreNX is very active and a little buggy at the moment, however I would suggest that this is 'the' Physics implementation worth watching.

    OgreBullet has just had an update so is live again, however it's performance (based upon the native C++ demos) needs to be investigated.

    There is the Ogre_Collision demo that might serve as a basis for collision testing -- however I believe you would need to write a test program based upon you particular application to determine which library is best for you..



30-09-2007 07:15:54


Thanks a bunch.


01-10-2007 09:19:54

That's actually amazing! Our team has been looking for a way to incorporate Bullet physics, it looks pretty impressive.


03-10-2007 17:49:12

OgreNX is very active and a little buggy at the moment, however I would suggest that this is 'the' Physics implementation worth watching.



I did some research, and the reason for OgreNX to be the "one to watch" is not immediately transparant. Care to shed some light on this one? What makes OgreNX superior?


03-10-2007 23:30:17

I think its mainly because the PhysX library underneath could be the best "free" solution out there (Licensed in many professional games).