size of library


24-07-2007 21:18:21


I'm on my way to implement a 3-d gallery with ogre. I already have some experience with ogre in C++. However, a friend told me to use python because it is much more efficient. So I do...
I read a lot about python-ogre and really like it. Did not manage to compile it (could not even do the boost step) but the binaries work very well (except with some examples).
I tried to dive deeper into python-ogre, but all I found in the module folder is a *huge* library. Is that all? I yes: Could anyone shortly explain how a .so/.dll can be used/created as python module and why it is so big? Considering ogre's size of ~12MB the wrapper seems far too big. Especially for neat, little applications.

Regards, Tim-Erwin


25-07-2007 02:43:56

The library size is a "simple fact" :) and isn't likely to change in the short term.

Most of this is due to the fact that we are wrapping every Ogre (and other) library function and property access, plus the fact that the docuementation strings are part of the module. There is also extensive template usage which doesn't help as current compilers don't generate the most efficent code possible (VC is better than GCC in this).

The size doesn't impact performance so don't worry about it :)