How Python_OgreODE works


10-08-2007 06:09:21

I plan to move the code from pyODE to Python-Ogre.
But I am confused by the OgreODE, this is a question mainly about OgreODE, but i use PythonOGRE, so maybe it is the right place.

I can understand this way like this:

It creates ogre entity, node, and a ODE body, then tranfer the ode.body's position and rotation to ogre.node. at last do "world.step". That is ok.

but I didn't find the code binding ogre.node with ode.body from Python-OgreODE demos.

i don't know how the ode.body's postion and rotation transfer to ogre.node
and i didn't find the "world.step". I remember OgreNewton has a "BasicFrameListener" do some similar "world.step" job.

So, what I miss?


10-08-2007 13:53:23

OgreODE is a library built in C++ that handles syncing of Ogre objects and there ODE equivalents. It then provides OO wrappers for all of ODE. If you want to do this yourself just use straight ODE and Ogre.