python ogre crashes on start up


13-08-2007 07:15:54

ok so as the subject suggests whenever i try to run anything using python ogre it crashes as soon as i get past the whole select direct 3d or opengl and i loaded up one of my codes in the wing ide and debugged it and the debugger led me to on line 131 it tells me that this is not working properly
def _loadResources(self):
"""This loads all initial resources. Redefine this if you do not want to load
all resources at startup."""

and this only started spontaneously i was coding my game and when i tried to run it it wouldn't work so i uninstalled python ogre and reinstalled the latest version and it still didnt work and it still gave me the same error in the debugger


13-08-2007 10:03:48

What operating system do you have?


13-08-2007 10:50:43

If you don't mind can you please do the following:

1. Let us know if the standard demos work or not
2. If they don't work please try running them from the command prompt so you can see the error
3. If the demos do work then try running them from within WingIDE (in case it's an interaction with it)
4. If this all works then move you game code over to the Python-Ogre 'ogre' demo directory (demos/orge) and try running it from there.
5. If the game works in the demo directory then you possibly have a plugins issue -- make sure you don't have any older versions of the plugins floating around (plugins/*.dll)

Let us know the results :)



13-08-2007 19:58:30

hmm well i was checking my ogre log in one of the demo directories and it would appear that the problem was that for some reason i had 2 copies of the .material file for my game in the scripts folder so when i deleted the copy of it everything worked fine