[fix] [UPDATE] NxOgre on Vista etc


14-08-2007 06:06:49


OK so I've "solved" the NxOgre issue with Vista (and the same fix should be implemented for XP machines as well).

Edit demos/nxogre/config.yaml

Change the device and depth lines to read:

And thats it -- turns out I had an older config file and because the device entry was wrong it defaults to the GL driver, which isn't always a good thing to use with Vista or some cards under XP

Also the depth was set to 16 which broke stencils on certain graphics cards hence needs to be 32...

Also there are fixes to cakeframework which were missed in the release -- get it from http://www.python-ogre.org/wiki/nxogre



14-08-2007 08:08:54

YAY. Working for me. Thanks. Will now play around with cakebox all the day.


14-08-2007 08:24:02

Oh some new bugs:
Pressing right click on a object gives a crash.
Pressing the + button(the last in the row) when adding a new object gives crash.
I have the cakeframework fixes.
EDIT: Ran the demos with command line now. I get a Ogre Exception(3) when I do a right click. The + button did do correctly now.


14-08-2007 11:30:04

Did I mention how much I love Vista :)

However, this is why I put out the release, so we can sort out the problems...

Update in a day or two..



14-08-2007 11:47:10

Ah. Yeah Vista isn´t the most nice development platform. If you want I could do some Vista tesings before the releases.


15-08-2007 14:19:23

Check the begining of this post or updated info..



17-08-2007 20:55:32

I was away for two days and tested the fix now. Everything is working for me now. Will play around with Cakebox tomorrow and I hope to find some new bugs. :D