hope someone could write a book about python-ogre


14-08-2007 14:01:51

hope someone could write a book about python-ogre like <<pro ogre programming>>.we,beginners,really have no good books for learning python-ogre.


14-08-2007 14:14:17

I think there aren´t many people qualified to write a book about it excpet the developers. I understand that you have problems learning PythonOgre because the only source are the tutorials. I think before thinking about writing a book the lack of documentation should be closed. I would help myself to close it. So let´s pass it to andy and he should tell us what to do.


14-08-2007 15:39:43

You shouldn't need a book on Python-Ogre. A long tutorial is all it should take. This is because Python-Ogre just wraps existing C++ libraries and keeps there interfaces almost perfectly. So then it just comes down to a few corner cases of usage and actually building and install Python-Ogre.


14-08-2007 16:30:44

Of course you need no book about PythonOgre, but the API Documentation should get better. Its a bit difficult to work with it for me atm.


14-08-2007 19:17:24

You mean the Python-Ogre changes to APIs? For the most part you should be able to just use the underlying libraries documentation. Which APIs are under documented?


15-08-2007 02:03:00

Of course you need no book about PythonOgre, but the API Documentation should get better. Its a bit difficult to work with it for me atm.

Hopefully you are using the Ogre API docs, yes?


As GameEnder points out, the ogre portion of python-ogre is a very thin wrapper around the actual C++ library. Almost everything you can learn in the Ogre forum is applicable here. I often cut and paste Ogre C++ code, needing only to change structure operators '->' to '.' and remove the terminating semi-colon to get it to work ;-)

I know this doesn't really help you at the moment - stick with it though - there's a huge pay-off at the end.


15-08-2007 04:13:15

yeah, there is no special API docs for python-ogre,even the API docs for ogre are not as good as java's.i hope at least every method'function should be described rather than just showing the form and parameter.


15-08-2007 04:19:10

Python-Ogre documentation for Ogre will never be better's than Ogre's itself. If you don't think the documentation is good enough for Ogre post a feature request or questions in the Main Ogre help forum about the classes you are having trouble understanding.

Right now Python-Ogre auto-includes any doxygen documentation for the functions its wraps, I don't think its going to get any better than that in the foreseeable future.

Let me be clear: The Ogre book is very applicable to Python-Ogre if you are a Python-Ogre developer it will be worth the buy.


15-08-2007 04:56:08

I think the only near term way around this is to write lots of tutorials :) and to examine and understand all the demos.

Joe (inneractive) did are great job on the 1st 4 tutorials and I'm hoping someone would be interested in doing the rest. As mentioned it's a challenge especially with all the new libraries being added, each with their own API's :(

I intend to improve the usability of the Python-Ogre site which should make it easier for people to add hints/tips/tutorials, plus perhaps start work on a bit of a manual.

One "back of the mind idea" is to borrow from the Panda3D project and write a simplified high level interface to Python-Ogre, perhaps using the community framework as a base for it.



15-08-2007 10:27:42

That famous book - 'War and Peace' springs to mind. I think any PO manual would have a similar pagecount with all the libs on offer in 1.0!