ogreAL sound issue ...


18-08-2007 01:26:49

Just curious if anyone else is observing an OgreAL sound issue? It manifests as streaming sounds suddenly stop playing when the system is under load. What alternatives do we have for robust sound under python-ogre? FMOD?


18-08-2007 08:17:29

Do you speak of PythonOgreAL or normal OgreAl? I didn´t use PythonOgreAl very much, but I had no problems. Of course FMOD would be a great alternative, but it has to get wrapped first. I also think to wrap it would need something like OgreFMOD.


18-08-2007 20:37:28

Do you speak of PythonOgreAL or normal OgreAl?
I'm only using PythonOgreAL but the problem apparently lies with OgreAL itself.


18-08-2007 22:54:09

Ah. Of course I heard from the issue when i was using Ogre in c++.


26-08-2007 07:16:42

I've posted a fix for playing Ogg sound files in the OgreAL forum -- there is a bug in that the playback frequency isn't being set.

If you are still having issues with 'streaming' I'd suggest you use 'createSound' (assuming your sound file is of a reasonable size -- I've tested with 3+meg ogg files without any issues)