21-08-2007 04:44:24

OgreItemIdentityException: OGRE EXCEPTION(5:): Cannot find animation with name run1 in SceneManager::getAnimation at ..\src\OgreSceneManager.cpp (line 2965)

It's good that skeleton.getAnimation and entity.getAnimationState shows that the animation and animationState were both accessible.
So~~~ is any one gonna get spanked for this?



21-08-2007 08:40:24

Appears to work OK here. Perhaps you could post a full example.

## Creates an animation which can be used to animate scene nodes.
animation = self.sceneManager.createAnimation ("MyAnimation", 3.0)

## Looks up an Animation object previously created with createAnimation.
print dir( self.sceneManager.getAnimation("MyAnimation") )

## Create an AnimationState object for managing application of animations.
## Will throw an exception if the animation name is not found
animState = self.sceneManager.createAnimationState("MyAnimation")

## Retrieves animation state as previously created using createAnimationState.
print dir(self.sceneManager.getAnimationState("MyAnimation")) ... l#_details


Creates an animation which can be used to animate scene nodes.
Note that whilst it uses the same classes, the animations created here
are kept separate from the skeletal animations of meshes
(each Skeleton owns those animations).


21-08-2007 14:13:10

Sorry. My bad. Stupid mistake. SceneManager.getAnimation doesn't return any skeleton animation.