slow svn access from outside the usa?


30-08-2007 17:58:13

hi pyogre-team,

thx for the nice work youve done so far, ive tested pyogre yesterday on my winxp box. everything runs good, so i wanted to test this on my gentoo box.
precompiled linuxbinaries are no option for me on my 64bit selfcompiled system so the only way to get this run is svn.

im trying to checkout the sources with svn, but after 30min of waiting all i have is:

thelittlebug@tlb ~/Desktop $ svn co python-ogre
A python-ogre/trunk
A python-ogre/trunk/Community
A python-ogre/trunk/Community/TechDemoProject
A python-ogre/trunk/Community/TechDemoProject/media
A python-ogre/trunk/Community/TechDemoProject/media/packs
A python-ogre/trunk/Community/TechDemoProject/media/packs/
A python-ogre/trunk/Community/TechDemoProject/media/packs/
A python-ogre/trunk/Community/TechDemoProject/media/
A python-ogre/trunk/Community/TechDemoProject/media/testlevel
A python-ogre/trunk/Community/TechDemoProject/media/testlevel/tg2_skybox_for.jpg

is this just a temporary problem with the sourceforge server or is it always that slow?
btw. im from austria and the svn seems to be ~15000km away :D

if this is a permanent problem it would be nice if someone could make stable snapshots, downloading from sourceforge is really fast with the right mirror.

thx alot & greets


30-08-2007 21:42:41

sry for the question.

ive tried it several hours, and 1 hour after my first post the svn worked perfekt. hmpf, its always the same :D

thx & greets