Pyogre and Blender (.mesh)


21-02-2006 19:15:36

How would I go about using blender with Pyogre? The Blender export formats don't include .mesh . Isn't that what Pyogre uses?

And how do I edit .mesh files if blender can't import them.

Please help, I'm so confused


21-02-2006 20:19:06

Never used it, but if it outputs a .XML file, use the command line converter (available as a download off of the Tools section of the main OGRE site) to convert it from .XML to .mesh.


22-02-2006 10:08:32

You need to make sure that you are using the last version of the exporter if you are using Blender 2.4
If you edit the script, I think there is some variable to define as to where the XML to mesh converter is located so that the conversion is done automatically (don't need to launch the executable manually)
There is also a .mesh importer for Blender but I have never used it.