Starflight 3 project using PythonOGRE


04-09-2007 01:42:55

I just wanted to show a the main menu for our project being made with PythonOGRE. The main menu uses a skin made with CEGUI. ... CEGUI.ashx

This is a variation of Taharez look.

I wanted to make this skin available to everyone but i can't seem to be able to register at the CEGUI forums.

I'm also working on another game project called Dragonfell and i will be making a more medieval fantasy themed gui with stone and wood materials, unlike Starflight which is a more sci-fi look. I will show it later if anyone is interested.


05-09-2007 14:57:56


nice skin, i like the sci-fi look of the frame's background.

About registration to the CEGUI forum, please read the info on the main page:

You need to mail somebody who will activate your account, since something has broken.

Good luck!


06-09-2007 00:09:06

I will send you the skin by email later then. I started working on it again and it isn't ready to email at the moment.

The only difficulties i found with CEGUI amounts to small details:

* Can't seam to find a way render a transparent image with StaticImage or to set the background of a StaticText transparent. I'm doing this by using a disabled button that renders transparent bg images properly, so it works with a sort of an hack.

* The "Tiled" option in buttons prop HorzImageFormatting doesn't seam to work with the button renderer. This is not a problem but it limits the kind of stuff we can do with buttons. I could do even nicer buttons if i was able to tile ButtonMiddle images instead of stretching them.


09-09-2007 14:16:43

I like your CEGUI skin, if possible, send me or share on this forum.

Btw, i am interesting on your team working, a lot of former project members, how do you manage this project and absorb people to join it?


16-09-2007 15:29:55

See your pm.