Heightmap to .cfg!?


22-02-2006 02:29:20


I've been reading the wiki for PyOgre, and following the tutorials, but I'm curious how to get a .cfg from a .png.

I have me a 257x257 grey scale height map .png, but it seems that PyOgre uses some .cfg. How do I get that?


22-02-2006 05:17:33

Have a look at the file "terrain.cfg". It includes a lot of info on how to use terrains from images. You might need to dig into the ogre_demos directory to find it. Then copy it into your app directory to use it.

Also search on the main Ogre forums for more info and you should find plenty of help. ;)


22-02-2006 05:33:06

And check the Wiki:

http://www.ogre3d.org/wiki/index.php/Te ... ne_Manager