PyOgre on Mac OS X questions


04-10-2005 09:09:28

Now that I've managed to get the thing halfway-decently installed (I think), I've got some questions.

First off, all the demo scripts I've tried bail out like this:

File "/Users/jnutting/play/pyogre/trunk/demos/ogre/", line 23, in go
if not self._setUp():
File "/Users/jnutting/play/pyogre/trunk/demos/ogre/", line 33, in _setUp
self.root = ogre.Root(ogre.getPluginPath())
File "/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.4/lib/python2.4/site-packages/pyogre/", line 11086, in __init__
newobj = _ogre.new_Root(*args)
TypeError: argument number 1: null reference of type 'Ogre::String' was received

So it looks like ogre.getPluginPath() is returning null, and that doesn't please Ogre. Is there a workaround for this?

Then, I wonder about the following from the mac readme file:

(Note that the current tests and demo will fail on Mac OS X (if you are
lucky, getting as far as trying to load the RenderSystem_GL plugin)
since none of these scripts setup a cocoa/appkit draw context, which the
ogre framework expects. Stay tuned... )

OK, I'm tuned in... ;) So what's the status here? This stuff is working for the regular Ogre samples on Mac, so I imagine it's just a matter of porting the Mac-specific stuff in the C++ SampleFramework code to python, right?

Who's working on this, and do you need any help? I'm an Ogre newbie, but am intrigued enough by it, especially with PyOgre, that I'd really like to see the Mac OS X version of PyOgre be a "first-class citizen".


04-10-2005 10:37:51

For the first problem you can just pass a string pointing to the location of your ogre plugins. Also, fixing the function itself for macos would be nice (it is located in ogre.i.)

I don't remember exactly who was working on the macos port but, yes, we definitely need help. Right now I am the only remaining PyOgre developer and I own only Linux machines. I know a little about windows and nothing about MacOS X.


05-10-2005 08:57:15

Thanks for the tip. I didn't modify ogre.i (I'd rather skip that 70-minute swig action for a while), but just made a link from the cfg's location to the default spot in /etc/OGRE. In the long run however, the cfg should probably be inside of Ogre.framework; I'll try to find whoever's doing the Mac work for the main Ogre project about that, and other issues I've encountered.


25-10-2005 20:21:02

Was there any follow-up on this? I'd love to see the Mac version get the proper loving it needs. :)