CEGUI .setUserData function void * -> _object *


16-09-2007 01:24:50

I'm attempting to use the CEGUI .setUserData function but it seems that it handles only void *.

I noticed in the newt binding the setUserData function uses an object * so you can toss it any python object, can CEGUI be given the same function?


17-09-2007 01:54:00

I can certainly make this work -- could you send me a small sample program that uses the 'userdata' so i can test this..




17-09-2007 09:31:37

This is implemented and in the SVN (will be in next binary)..

Much like the OgreNewt implementation i expect you to ensure the that 'user object' is static (ie when you do a setUserData I don't increment the object count, so if it goes out of scope it will delete)..

Just a case of keeping an array around and appending the user data to this array..

Demo_CEGUI_DragnDrop has the test code..



20-09-2007 05:59:28

Great, thanks Andy! Thats exactly what I want it to do.