Travailing to Create Python-Ogre for OS X


26-09-2007 05:26:09

Hello, I am trying to compile Python-Ogre for Mac OS X, as per the instructions here:

* ... ngOnMacOSX
* ... e_on_linux

At the moment, I am trying to compile the latest Ogre CVS code for Intel Mac OS X -- the 'ogrenew' directory.

Xcode is being very difficult; the current message that has me stumped is this one:

Building target “Ogreâ€


26-09-2007 05:41:12

Just use the SDK release. That page really should be more updated, you do not need to use CVS head. The dependencies are being stabilized. As far as I know, no changes to Ogre sources have to be done at all on OS X. All the patches we need are now in the 1.4.x and Sinbad (the lead developer) has a Mac to develop on so the latest 1.4.4 SDK has been specially updated to make this easier.

You should only follow these pages:
Building On OS X (Please update this to reflect the current process)


26-09-2007 05:49:16

The SDK! Of course! A brilliant idea! -- Just kidding, I had the feeling I might have to use a binary...

However, if there's one thing I'm good at, it's using wikis and making documentation.

I will attempt to improve that wiki page if I can. Thank you.

Watch this thread for more updates on my progress!