exclamation point (!) symbol in tutorial text


27-09-2007 07:57:37

I've started to read the fine tutorial at http://wiki.python-ogre.org/index.php/Basic_Tutorial_1 to evaluate Python-Ogre.

I've notice that several words start with an exclamation point ("bang").
Here are a few examples:

!SceneManager Basics
...but they are !MovableObjects
...you must attach the Entity to a !SceneNode object...

Are these typos? Or is there a reason for these?

BTW. I'm looking for a Python 3D graphics library to create interactive 3D "power-point" type applications. I hope to use these to illustrate some flight mechanic concepts at work (I work at Boeing). I'm looking for something more capable than visual python (because it can't import meshes, and that's becoming an issue for me). How does Python-Ogre compare with Blender & Crystal Space (with the blender2crystal plugin) as a way to create interactive 3D graphics?

Thanks, looks like great work you guys are doing


27-09-2007 11:58:52

It has to do with the formatting of the text. In some wikis, you make headlines by simply prepending a ! to a line. In the words that are in paragraphs, (like SceneNode), I assume that they were meant to be bolded. In MediaWiki, you do this by typing ''' before and after the text you want to change.


27-09-2007 14:04:01

It was from the transfer of the wiki from Trac. Trac uses the "!" to denote a Wiki word that you don't want to turn into a link.


27-09-2007 19:33:59

Ok Thanks.

I can remove them if you like.