Python-Ogre vs PyOrge


29-09-2007 21:41:39

On the following pages, Python-Ogre is still referred to as pyogre ... #Scripting

The latter directs you to tutorials that won't work because the first line is "import pyogre.ogre as ogre "

There is mention on this latter page that "These all need to be converted to Python-Ogre, although they still remain valid." But to a new comer, this is a bit cryptic. I would recommend stronger language.

I think it should link to this instead:

Also, I found a comparison of Ogre to Crystal Space that is rather flattering to Ogre. Perhaps you could feature a link to it. The link is:


30-09-2007 00:42:01

If you have time please go ahead and make the necessary fixes on the Ogre Wiki....

In all honesty I'm spending my time focued on the Module development and we really need a group of people to take 3-4 hours and edit the wiki pages on the Ogre site as well as the Python-Ogre site.

Don't ask permission -- just jump in :)




30-09-2007 01:27:11

OK will do.

I've already removed the exclamation marks from the first tutorial (it was my first time editing a wiki...very "exiting"...)

Also, w/o necessarily getting into the detail of how to do it, can anyone reassure me that a python application using the Python-Ogre library can be made using something like py2exe? I currently do that for my scripts that use visual Python.

My first attempt at using py2exe on my Python-Ogre tutorial script failed (maybe because I'm working from the demo directory). So I'm nervous about committing a lot of time to a library that might be difficult to distribute to people who don't want to install Python on their computers.



30-09-2007 02:44:24

If you check the google group, you should stories of success. I think there are some "magic" settings but I have never used py2exe so I am not sure.