06-10-2007 06:11:18


I would like to know what tools I can use to trouble shot the Demo_water.

I'm just using a text editor. I'm hoping there is a program that shows me stack, varibles, functions, classes in python

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06-10-2007 08:50:30

Having just spent an hour on the waterdemo conversion my first advise would be to work on something else :)

It's not a pretty piece of code to bring across to Python (lots of global variables etc), although once it's there it will be a good project to then Pythonise it..

Also we hadn't exposed Ogre::ParticleIterator in Python-Ogre and it's needed for the demo :(

I'll see how far I can go and send through my version.



08-10-2007 11:16:13

@skorpio, i'm using Wing IDE ( for over a year now, which works great. I'm using the professional edition, although the personal (free) version already has many features as well, such as the features you are looking for.



14-06-2009 15:17:12


Just curios if anyone else has issues with Wing IDE locking up when setting breakpoints in a Python-Ogre application? I just tried the basic tutorial and set a break point, and it will hang there until it finally just stops the program. If I do not set a breakpoint it works fine.

Edit: Found this is not a problem when using OpenGL only directX on windows. That works for me, I can always switch when using release.


15-06-2009 08:06:02


I use wing IDE for writing the code. I have never use it for debugging code.
It seems to lock up whenever I ran my apps within this environment.

I'm not sure if I was OpenGL or Directx. I have seen code will not run under OpenGL but ok under Directx.

It would be nice to have an editing tool as well as a debugging tool. It would be a real time saver.



18-06-2009 10:01:27


That's weird, Wing always seemed very stable to me. Maybe you are running your app in fullscreen? That might cause issues.

I can't remember either whether Dx might cause troubles.