Python-Ogre 1.1 Available


07-10-2007 02:48:38

Python-Ogre 1.1 has been release :D

The binaries are available [b]here[/b] on sourceforge and the changelog can be viewed [b]here[/b]

As you would expect all the currently libraries have been updated to their latest versions, plus a number of new libraries have been included:
  1. * OgreForests - a Paging landscape manager
    * Plib - Networking and Sound
    * Editable Terrain - Check out the demo, very cool - thanks Dermont
    * OgreBullet - wrapper is there, need demo code
    * Navi - A gui based upon Mozilla libraries -- more as a "proof of concept" as it does have issues with Python.exe being built with VC7 --see notes in the changelog.[/list:u]
    1. * You will need to download the PhysX runtimes from before the NxOgre demos will work
      * There are a number of demos included that are work in progress so please update them as you can and send me the fixes[/list:u]
      As always I hope that it's bug free, and it's not :) so please report any issues/problems and they'll be solved as quickly as possible.

      Please use the ticket system on [b]SourceForge[/b]for bug reporting, enhancement request etc.


07-10-2007 07:11:07

Congrats. :D
Navi,Network and Sound. :shock:
Thank you for this one.


07-10-2007 15:53:38

Wow! Thank you Andy!
Can't wait to check out the Editable Terrain!
Bullet is wrapped?!? Yay! Gonna see if I can make some demos! (well... I probably won't be able to... :( hehe )
I saw some videos about Navi some time ago, and it looked really promising. Very nice to have it included!
Gotta check OgreForests and Plib too!

Thank you again!


07-10-2007 16:27:42


been playing with ogreforests! its so easy to use! ha ha!

thanks again for this andy et al. seriously blinding work


07-10-2007 16:52:49

Thanks guys for all your efforts! 8)


08-10-2007 06:53:58

Great job!!! Awesome stuff!!! You da man!!! :P :P :P :P :P


09-10-2007 09:51:36

Agreed! Thanks a bunch!

Is there someplace an updated list of all the libs that are wrapped?


09-10-2007 10:48:59

Changelog.txt in the \pythonogre directory as the main changes..

I'm hoping to get time to update the web site etc as there are a number of things I want to document..



12-10-2007 03:08:45

Hi Andy,

I'd like to know if you are planning to release linux binaries for 1.1 any time soon.




12-10-2007 03:36:02

Currently reading all about creating linux packages and intend to get a version out (to test) this weekend

Along with updated docs on building the linux version from source as there have been lots of changes and it works pretty well :)



15-10-2007 09:34:34


Thanks for doing it Andy :D



18-01-2008 22:11:40

Can you provide a location for a source tarball or the exact revision in SVN that contained this version of Python-Ogre?


28-01-2008 13:15:16


first of all, thank you for that great piece of work!
I'm trying to build python-ogre on linux and most of it seems to work fine. I found out that ODE doesn't build, but bullet doesn't build for me neither. when I do:

~/dev$ python python-ogre/ -r bullet
PythonOgre.BuildModule: INFO Retrieving
~/dev$ python python-ogre/ -b bullet
PythonOgre.BuildModule: INFO Build Command tar zxf /home/phil/dev/downloads/bullet-2.64.tgz
PythonOgre.BuildModule: INFO Build Command cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=/home/phil/dev/root/usr
PythonOgre.BuildModule: INFO Build Command make
PythonOgre.BuildModule: INFO Build Command find . -name *.a -execdir cp {} /home/phil/dev/root/usr/lib \;
~/dev$ python python-ogre/ -g bullet
PythonOgre.BuildModule: INFO Building Source code for bullet
~/dev$ python python-ogre/ -c bullet
PythonOgre.BuildModule: INFO Compiling Source code for bullet
PythonOgre.BuildModule: WARNING Task Failed

log.out contains the following:

01-28 14:09 PythonOgre.BuildModule INFO Compiling Source code for bullet
01-28 14:09 PythonOgre.BuildModule DEBUG Spawning 'scons PROJECTS=bullet' in '/home/phil/dev/python-ogre'
01-28 14:09 PythonOgre.BuildModule WARNING Task Failed
01-28 14:09 PythonOgre.BuildModule DEBUG scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Building bullet
WARNING: Over-Writing /home/phil/dev/python-ogre/generated/bullet_2.64/SConscript as it already exists
scons: done reading SConscript files.
scons: Building targets ...
g++ -o build_dir_2.5/bullet_2.64/AlignedObjectArraySolverConstraint.pypp.os -c `pkg-config --cflags OGRE` -I -O3 -I./ -fPIC -I/home/phil/dev/root/usr/include/boost-1_34_1 -I/home/phil/dev/bullet-2.64/src -I/usr/include/python2.5 -I/home/phil/dev/root/usr/include/boost-1_34_1 generated/bullet_2.64/AlignedObjectArraySolverConstraint.pypp.cpp
scons: building terminated because of errors.

01-28 14:09 PythonOgre.BuildModule DEBUG In file included from /home/phil/dev/bullet-2.64/src/BulletCollision/BroadphaseCollision/btAxisSweep3.h:27,
from /home/phil/dev/bullet-2.64/src/btBulletCollisionCommon.h:52,
from /home/phil/dev/bullet-2.64/src/btBulletDynamicsCommon.h:20,
from generated/bullet_2.64/AlignedObjectArraySolverConstraint.pypp.cpp:5:
/home/phil/dev/bullet-2.64/src/BulletCollision/BroadphaseCollision/btOverlappingPairCallback.h:37:37: warning: no newline at end of file
generated/bullet_2.64/AlignedObjectArraySolverConstraint.pypp.cpp: In function ‘void register_AlignedObjectArraySolverConstraint_class()’:
generated/bullet_2.64/AlignedObjectArraySolverConstraint.pypp.cpp:159: error: ‘T’ was not declared in this scope
generated/bullet_2.64/AlignedObjectArraySolverConstraint.pypp.cpp:253: error: ‘T’ was not declared in this scope
scons: *** [build_dir_2.5/bullet_2.64/AlignedObjectArraySolverConstraint.pypp.os] Error 1

any clues ? thank you!



27-05-2008 15:52:13

which svn revision coincides with the 1.1 stable release?


28-05-2008 09:04:17

The one referenced here (557)