Missing d3dx9_35.dll (I have read the FAQ)


08-10-2007 23:25:10

Whenever I try to use python-ogre I get a message saying that the application failed to start because d3dx9_35.dll can't be found. Now I've read the FAQ section of the wiki on the python-ogre site, and it says for people who have this problem "You really do need to update your DirectX version". That really isn't a whole lot of info on the situation, and the thing is, my system *is* fully up to date with DirectX 9.0c.

Does anyone one have any useful insight?


09-10-2007 02:30:59

What version of Python-Ogre are you using?

And did you run the DirectX setup as part of the Python-Ogre setup?

While you have DirectX 9 installed there are updates to the drivers about every 6-8 weeks, and Python-Ogre 1.1 was built with the DirectX August SDX, hence the need for an update..

Have a look in your \windows\system32\ for dx3*.dll to see if _35 is there, and if not you do need to update -- and can do so by running \PythonOgre\ThirdParty\dxwebsetup.exe



09-10-2007 05:57:56

I'm using Python-Ogre 1.1

No, I did not run the DirectX setup as part of the Python-Ogre setup, since I knew I had 9.0c, and also since I had a problem in the past with a different third party DirextX setup that went along with the installer for their software... Once I got the error though I did run dxdiag on my own computer just to verify that I had DirectX 9.0c, and I went and got the dxwebsetup.exe from the official MS website anyway (just in case) and ran that one. I'm still having the problem though.

I also did look in my windows\system32\ folder and I do now have the d3dx9_35.dll

EDIT: Ok, it's working now. The problem must have been what you suggested, needing the August version. I did not have the d3dx9_35.dll before running the update from the official MS site, even though I did have DX 9.0c. After running it I still have DX 9.0c but now I also have that missing dll. I was still experiencing the problem though even with the dll, which is why I posted, but I just restarting my computer (for a completely unrelated reason) and now it works... it didn't tell me I needed to do that after I finished with the dxwebsetup. :oops:

Thanks for your help.