[Beginner] Installation issues


23-10-2007 15:47:21

Hello everyone,

I am very new to Ogre and even Python. I installed Python-Ogre and I installed Python on my windows machine. I go to \PythonOgre\demos\ogreforests and try to run Demo_Forest.py and a cmd window opens up then closes and nothing happens. This leaves me to believe that python isn't setup correctly on my machine. Any suggestions?



23-10-2007 15:58:53


i hope you installed Python first ;) Can you -in stead of double clicking the file- open a CMD and run the file by entering 'python Demo_Forest.py'? This keeps the cmd and its output on screen with probably more information.

Good luck!


23-10-2007 16:09:30

' 'python' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.'

I didn't install python first, this tells me that I should have :p


23-10-2007 18:07:43

Will uninstalling both, installing python, then installing python-ogre really fix things for me?


23-10-2007 18:30:14

check that python is in your PATH environment variable. right click on 'My Computer' go properties, then advanced and finally 'Evironment variables'. just make sure that c:\python25 (or wherever you installed python) is somewhere in the PATH variable. i think you also need to add c:\python25\scripts seperate them with a seimcolon ; Its up to you, but I would add it in system variables, rather than user-speciifc variables. Remember to click OK before you test it.


23-10-2007 18:45:37

I added just \python25 to PATH and it didn't work, I then added \python25\scripts and it still didn't work. I noticed I also don't have a \scripts. Do I need to reboot after adding those lines to the variable? Sorry I am really new to this.


23-10-2007 19:28:35

On my system adding "c:\python25;" to my path is enough. You don't have to reboot, but you must restart your commandline or python development environment when you have it open.

You can also first try to run the command as follows:
>c:\python25\python Demo_Forest.py



23-10-2007 22:51:25

Thanks for you help with this by the way.

I reloaded the cmd prompt and did '\PythonOgre\demos\ogreforests>python Demo_Forest.py'

I then got this:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "Demo_Forest.py", line 2, in <module>
import ogre.renderer.OGRE as ogre
ImportError: No module named ogre.renderer.OGRE



24-10-2007 00:57:17

First I'm assuming that none of the demos work whe you run them from the startmenu.

Easiest way to fix this is to
* Install Python
* Install Python-Ogre
* Run demos from the start menu

When you originally installed Python-Ogre it (hopefully) complained that it couldn't find an installed verison of Python and that you would have to run "python setup.py install" which is what is causing your current problem..

As you installed python (I assume) after Python-Ogre you need to go to the \PythonOgre directory and run "python setup.py install" to install the modules -- or follow the "easy fix" mentioned above



24-10-2007 04:03:30

Finally got it working, thanks guys