30-10-2007 19:31:09

I'm writing a game and plan to use embedded Python as script. I like to script menus, so I need to bind the CEGUI system (which is running in the game) to Python. I'm unsure if Phyton-Ogre does that, I'm guessing it is primarily for just running unembedded Python.

Can one bind a CEGUI system (that is already running) to Phyton-Ogre
does Phyton-Ogre just create a new CEGUI system?



31-10-2007 03:02:06

Python-Ogre does one thing: Provides python modules which allow you to use C++ class of certain libraries from Python. You can use these modules in pure python project, or an embedded project. In an embedded project that will let you pass types the Python-Ogre has already wrapped to python without you having to do the job yourself.