C++ in .py files


01-11-2007 21:45:40

I just downloaded the OgrePython package, trying to get it working. I'm looking in the demo folder for python examples to create my own program, but here is what I find out, c++ in .py files!

Please clean up the temp files containing c++ in .py files. It's uncool for python noobs to search for examples in all .py files finding non python code.

I'm talking about the water1.py file for instance.

Or is there a reason for that to occur. It seems to me like unfinished work!


01-11-2007 22:23:26

You are of course correct -- across the 75+ demos, covering nearly 20 libraries, there are a few unfinished pieces..

However, as it's an open source project feel free to jump in and help out by completing the unfinished ones, writing new demos, updating the wiki documentation etc.