pyOgreBlox - simple Tetris clone


10-11-2007 23:47:12

I have made this simple Tetris clone called pyOgreBlox, developed entirely with Python-Ogre.
You can download it from here:

After you've downloaded it, just extract it to your /PythonOgre/demos directory.

It still has things to improve, such as creating a highscore table and a credits screen.
I've made the pyOgreBlox logo resemble the Ogre one, by writing with the same font and doing some effects with The Gimp. 8)
Sounds were made using FruityLoops7.

Some screenies:

If you have any doubts, feel free to ask me :wink:

I hope you like it! :D



11-11-2007 04:34:15

I just tried this out to test my python-ogre build some more. It works fine (with the 64-bit FrameListener fix).

Nice work! :D


11-11-2007 15:51:25

Don't forget to post in the official Ogre showcase forums (Give Python-Ogre a little more Press):


11-11-2007 20:07:40

just copied the post to Showcase forum!

Glad you like it!
58 views already ( I did probably 10 or 20 :wink: );
2 downloads and counting... :D


12-11-2007 15:45:04

very good work. :D


12-11-2007 17:50:46

Nice, a great example application as well :)


14-11-2007 22:44:18

Thanks very much!

I will be travelling from tomorrow till the 6th of december, so I wont be active in the Python-Ogre community for that time. I wish the best for Python-Ogre and this great community :D huhesuh

See ya guys!