I really want to use OGRE in python...


16-11-2007 20:28:45

...But I just can't find good documentation!
It seems that the only up-to date documentation and tutorials I can find about python ogre are the demos are the ones shipped with the package itself, which I can't learn too much from.

Can you guys give me a link or two with valid tutorials? And where can I find the library reference(I admit, I haven't searched much for this one)?


16-11-2007 22:59:06

Have you looked at the wiki as there are a number of tutorials etc there?? It's linked from the Python-ogre [b]site[/b]

Also all the Ogre documentation for the C++ libraries is valid for Python-Ogre..



17-11-2007 10:07:18

You´re right. There is an serious lack of documentation. Andy you organize the documentation. There are surely a lot of ppl who want to help you with this task(including me).


17-11-2007 11:27:36

I dont know if you've checked the wiki recently but it is coming along now. The basic tutorials are up to date, and others are appearing. I will have another go next week (when i'm done moving house) and see if I can update any others.

There's certainly much more documentation available now than there was back with pyOgre :)

The library reference is on the ogre main site in the API documentation, the commands are 99% the same, you just have to read the constructor lines carefully for each command to work out what to pass in.

Code Snippets are great as well, I'll add another one of those right now in fact :)


17-11-2007 12:19:05

Oooohcrap. I had been following the tutorials on this wiki! Thanks for pointing to the new one :)


18-11-2007 10:39:42

Oooohcrap. I had been following the tutorials on this wiki! Thanks for pointing to the new one :)

Things certainly have changed since then. Expect more articles to come soon, and feel free to make specific requests.


21-11-2007 18:02:37

The key piece of documentation I could use is the "Setting up an Application" under tutorials. All the rest of the documentation is moving along well and I'm finding things quite well. I'm uncertain of the setup and this one would be quite useful.


13-12-2007 19:03:31

Hi, it's me again. I am trying to install python-ogre on Ubuntu, but when I try to run the demos it cannot find the "_ogre_" module.

The C++ samples run correctly. The "generated" folder however contains no files in it, and doesn't even after I've re-run the 6th installation script.


14-12-2007 18:56:16

Did you try and download the binary?


14-12-2007 21:05:07

Wow, I feel stupid. How do I gain permission to add files to /usr/local or move files using the terminal?


15-12-2007 00:13:08

You don't and shouldn't have to. Just take the binary, unpack it somewhere and you are good to go.


15-12-2007 08:42:09

Hm... I've got it extracted, now how do I use it in a python module? How can I import ogre? Sorry but so far I've always used libraries which conveniently placed themselves in the site-packages folder of the main python installation...


15-12-2007 19:42:59

The PYTHONPATH environment variable determines where python searches for packages. An example:
export PYTHONPATH=/the/directory/in/the/package/where/the/ogre/module/is:$PYTHONPATH
That prepends the python-ogre modules to the python path. That should be the only path you have to mess with.