Mac build script?


27-11-2007 17:50:55

According to the Blog it says you are working on a Mac build and we should expect updates to the build script within two weeks. Since that was Nov 6th, wondering how the progress is going. No pressure, but I want to use python-ogre. The manual build process is too long and there are too many ways it could go wrong that I wouldn't know how to fix.


27-11-2007 19:57:53

Have you tried starting with the scripts and updating them? It would require decent knowledge of GCC and Mac, but its at least doable.


27-11-2007 22:59:48

Sorry I updated my time line to closer to Christmas :(

It will happen, just working through some signification gccxml and Py++ improvements which should be done in the next week



28-11-2007 22:48:05

No problem. That build script will be a nice Christmas present. :D


04-01-2008 04:42:33

Status update requested. I can hardly wait. :oops:


06-01-2008 13:37:00

Have a look here.

It's still a little rough however is working OK for me -- at least for Ogre and OIS.