v1.1 - ORGEForest very slow?


29-11-2007 01:26:36

Hi all,

I ran the official "OGREForest" on Geforce 8400 (128M) with 18FPS (worst case). I thought this is not acceptable because we added more details, meshes and other animated characters.

Why does this happen?
(Other demos are ok)

Thanks in advance


29-11-2007 09:52:05

Hey up,

I authored that demo, its still in a very early state so please dont expect too much from it (yet). I think there are currently too many frameListeners involved, and lots of other optimizations to be made /bugs to be squashed.

That said, I have not seen it running that slowly on any system I've tried it on so far, on my home system (p2.8HT, 2GB, RadeonX1650) I get an average of 60fps, which i think is fine, considering all the stuff going on ( dynamic sky, auto-textured large terrain, reflective water, autonomous characters, 40,000 trees etc.). On my work dual core 1.8 its around 100 fps average, and running Crysis on the same system gets only about 14fps :(

Overall, it seems to be Caelum that causes the greatest drop in FPS, if you compare the basic landscape demo with the caelum demo (exactly the same as landscape but with the dynamic sky) it seems to run around half as fast.

I have made some significant updates to the demo over the last few weeks, but have no internet connection currently to upload it. Will endeavour to sort it out and optimize for an upload next week.