BillboardSet individual culling issues


03-12-2007 21:36:19

Can anyone walk me through how to get Individual Culling to work?

Yes, I have reviewed the docs on BillboardSets (at least 30 times. lol). I've also posted a question in the Help forum, but didn't get any results after trying what was suggested to me.

So, this is the deal. I'm using Python Ogre, I have a "seeder" class that manages and loads BillboardSets from a Seeder Configuration file that I rolled.

So far, everything works except individual culling. What I understand from the docs is that one should just have to call setCullIndividually(True) and then set the rendering distance using setRenderingDistance().

I've done both of these things, and nothing changed, it was still culled as a whole.

Next, I was told to assign bounds to BillboardSet using setBounds. I did this, using an AxisAlignedBox(I probably set it up wrong) that encompassed all of the Billboards. Nothing changed.

What should I do? Could someone explain this to me in more detail? or perhaps finish the following code so I have an example?

bbSet = scenemngr.createBillboardSet("bill")
bbSet.setDefaultDimensions(5, 5)