PyOgre TO DO list on the wiki


05-10-2005 15:23:06

It seems the majority of the list refers to the old Boost:: version. Having an up-to-date to do list would help in gettign people to contribute.

I'd update it myself but i have no idea what needs to be done. Just purging the pyste/boost items seems too much like vandalism.


05-10-2005 20:18:06

I would do it by myself but still I can't log into the Wiki. He hates me. :(


06-10-2005 00:17:58

I was surprised I could just log on with my forum ID. It doesnt work for you?

Worst case, paste your current todo list in this thread and i'll get it on the wiki.


06-10-2005 13:05:56

It just keeps saying:

There is no user by the name "Fog". Check your spelling, or use the form below to create a new user account.
:( I'll past my TODO here later today.


06-10-2005 23:25:24

Yes, i read of your plight in the original phpbb2/mediawiki thread.
You can try makign another account or something, but I agree it's pretty odd.


06-10-2005 23:27:35

From the original todo (guess the numbering):
  1. - 1.1 is done
    - 1.2 and 1.3 can be keeps removing references to pyste
    - 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 can be dropped
    - 2.1 is still important
    - 2.2 don't know what it means
    - 2.3 can probably be dropped
    - 2.4 becomes "find a way to expose constants by value (impossible in Python?)
    - 2.5 can be dropped
    - "boost.python/pyste" can be dropped (we know how to do that, just need to make sure we do that everywhere in the code
    - "python" is fine
    - "build" can be dropped
    - "ogre" is better kept but I checking it right now[/list:u]

    And from ogre.i todo:
    1. * %extend classes that don't have a virtual destructor and ad a default one?
      * make a director for the frameEnded virtual method in EventProcessor?
      * Fix all friend operators by porting the operation into the friend class.
      * Static class members are correctly put in cvar but the Python class attribute is set before the swig_register call so the class version of the attribute is a plain wrapped object while the cvar one (after initialization) is the much better shadowed one. How do we fix this?
      * Add setPlanes/addPlane/removePlane methods to OgrePlaneBoundedVolume and make planes read-only.
      * OgreVectorN.i: what about providing initialization from Python tuples?
      * OgreMatrixN.i: what about providing initialization from Python tuples of tuples?
      * OgreLight.i: possibly wrap get/set AttenuationRange/SpotlightRange.[/list:u]


07-10-2005 12:07:04

Done, review to see where if i messed up ;)