How to write wrappers for use in Python-Ogre?


05-12-2007 07:44:30


I found Particle Universe very interesting, and want to wrap it so that I can use it in Python-Ogre...

Is there any tutorials on how-to write wrappers?


05-12-2007 08:46:37

There isn't a tutorial as such, but there is a template to start with in the code_generators directory..

However, I'll make you a deal :) I'll write a wrapper for the library (and document it in the wiki as I go) as long as you comitt to writing (or converting the C) a demo...



05-12-2007 10:13:46

Yep, if any of you wrap up the Particle Universe and PhysxParticle, I'll absolutely write 2 examples loading the particle files (*.pu), using the PhysxParticle class, and port the Particle Universe viewer (which may not be that useful?) using Python-Ogre. :o


06-12-2007 12:57:42

i'm a bit new to this, but what's the difference between the standard ogre particle system compare to Particle Universe?


07-12-2007 02:33:38

i'm a bit new to this, but what's the difference between the standard ogre particle system compare to Particle Universe?

The PhysxParticle class allow you to add physics to the emitted particles.

In your game, you can have a weapon emitting fire which has basic physics. Say, when it fires at a curved wall, the fire will spread on the curved surface; when it fires right in front of a sphere, the fire will wrap around the sphere.

In the original particles system, you only have 2 physical factors affecting the emitted particles, deflector plane and linear force. Yes, you only got planes to react to the particles.

One thing is not free enough now at PhysxParticle is that it uses Physx engine is not open source (but it is free for any uses on PC/PS3 platforms), and you need to bundle that Ageia runtime with your application... It'd be wonderful if someone make a ODEParticle thing... (But I doubt how far ODE can go... The demos seems not so promising?)
(Btw, without PhysxParticle, you still can have particle colliders and LOD in ParticleUniverse.


07-12-2007 02:51:24

Hey, I've got some clues reading the Py++ introduction, maybe I'll try wrap this ParticleUniverse and PhysxParticle.


07-12-2007 03:49:40

Also you can have a look at a new wiki page


07-12-2007 09:30:57

This is wrapped and in the SVN -- waiting on the full demo to be converted :)



08-12-2007 13:30:22

You're so fast wrapping it.... :shock:
I'll make the demos in a week, I need to prepare for the exams/sem project right now...


10-12-2007 06:39:17

I also wish to express interest in this aspect of the project, as we wish to use this once our program development takes off.


10-12-2007 15:49:26

I've seen in the wiki link in the end of the code an ofusion snotation. someone wrapped it ?


11-12-2007 01:17:18

Yes -- I wrapped the ofusion loader which means you should be able to use Max/Ofusion as the level editor and manage this from Python-Ogre..

Note that I haven't tested this at all, so it could have bugs which I will be happy to fix..



11-12-2007 01:42:49

seriously that's awsome ! where can i download te file ?


11-12-2007 02:53:35

It's in the SVN if you are building from source -- and will be in the next Windows binary release that should happen early next week..



06-03-2008 20:23:48

andy, I haven't seen this in the windows binary release--can you direct me to it?